Priority Plymouth- Climate Action Plan

Priority Plymouth - Our Call to Climate Action

Plymouth is home to a diverse and unique natural landscape that has proven to be resilient for thousands of years. We strive to prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of our community, and now we are advancing that commitment by addressing the urgent challenges of climate change. Our town is taking the lead by expanding the use of renewable energy sources, investing in transformative solutions to transportation, and conserving and protecting our natural resources. 

With Priority Plymouth, our first Climate Action Roadmap, we will work together to build a sustainable and resilient future for all.  

Pursuing this future is vital for the health, safety, and economic prosperity of Plymouth; the cost of inaction is too great. Our community knows what climate change feels like. From the nor’easters that batter our homes, the storm surge that erodes our coastline, or the heat waves that threaten our most vulnerable – we all have experienced the impacts of climate change. Now is the time to act on real solutions that are defined by strategic planning, partnership, and leadership.  

We will navigate these challenges together, drawing on our collective strengths to protect our community. Our time to act is now. Our call to climate action is Priority Plymouth. 

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