Foreclosed Properties

The Purchase of Town-Owned Property

If you are interested in acquiring Town-owned property, you will first need to identify the property with a parcel identification/map and lot. You can obtain this information from the Assessor's Office directly or their site on the Town's web page. 

You can express your interest in the property by writing or emailing the Treasurer's Office. The Treasurer's Office will determine whether the property came into Town ownership through a foreclosure decree for non-payment of taxes. When the Town secures a foreclosure on land, we notify specific departments about the acquisition and have them comment on the file as to why it should remain in the possession of the Town. If there is no Town interest in the property, it may be available for purchase at a Town auction upon approval from the Board of Selectmen. 

All land sold at auction is deed restricted as a non-buildable lot for the successful bidder in accordance with past practice by the Board of Selectmen. We do not sell the property for the back taxes owed. Rather, we establish a fair market real estate value for the land and offer the property for sale at a public auction. 

If bids are too low at auction, the Town reserves the right to withdraw the property. In order to participate in the auction process, a bidder must provide a cashier's check. Bid terms and deposit amounts will be determined prior to the date of an auction. Deposits are refunded to you immediately if you are not the successful bidder or they are used as a deposit towards your bid on the property if you are designated the successful bidder. 

All of the purchase paperwork, including taxes and legal fees is provided to the successful bidder at the end of the auction and the buyer is given thirty days to pay any balance due for the property. Please rely upon your own research and inspection of the property as all properties are sold "as is." 

Town Auction Schedule

There is no established schedule for holding town auctions. If your letter of interest is on file, the Treasurer's Office makes every attempt to notify you first of a pending auction. Auctions and information will be posted on the Town of Plymouth website.