What do the Assessors do?

Real and Personal Property:

  • Assessors are governed by Massachusetts General Laws to value all real and personal property.
  • The Assessors perform the duties of valuing property with in-office staff and on occasion with the assistance of an outside appraisal firm who may assist in completing the field review of the community.
  • Every year the Assessors are required to submit a tax rate recapitulation summary (recap sheet) for approval by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue prior to mailing the actual tax bill at the end of each calendar year.
  • Every three years the Massachusetts Department of Revenue visits the Community to recertify the value of the town by doing a field and data review of the community in an attempt to maintain equitable values.

Motor Vehicle Excise:

  • Assessors are responsible for committing the motor vehicle excise tax bill to the Collector of Taxes.
  • The motor vehicle excise information which generates the bill originates with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles who updates their records according to the registration of the vehicle.
  • Assessors are responsible for abating motor vehicle excise (see Motor Vehicle FAQs).

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