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HHS Opioid Feedback

  1. Plymouth Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

    Thank you for contacting the Plymouth Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Building bridges to community well-being, the mission of Plymouth HHS is to connect people with vital resources within the framework of a healthy, humanistic, sustainable, and resilient community. Our goal is to foster a comprehensive and compassionate social health support system that promotes a culture of belonging and cohesiveness for residents and visitors alike.

    This comment form is intended to collect feedback for the 2024 Plymouth Opioid Remediation Project. The Project aims to increase community engagement around the topic of opioids while enhancing related services for Plymouth residents with support from the Massachusetts Statewide Opioid Settlement Funds. Please use this form to share your feedback on how the opioid epidemic has impacted you as a Plymouth resident and/or a Plymouth service provider, and any ideas you may have for how the Opioid Settlement Funds could be distributed for prevention, treatment, recovery, and harm reduction in Plymouth. Responses to this form will be collected and reviewed by Plymouth HHS. The information collected from this form will be integrated into Plymouth's coordinated response to the opioid epidemic.

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