Land Use & Acquisition Committee


The Land Use & Acquisition Committee research and maintains a current inventory of all properties of interest, with a focus on parcels of significant size and parcels of any size facing the loss of Chapter 61 protection and/or parcels of potential value to the Town.

The Land Use & Acquisition Committee is comprised of seven members, that are appointed by the Select Board, to serve three-year overlapping terms.

Appointed Members

  • John Hammond, Open Space Committee, Chair
    Term Expires: 2026
  • Joan Langsom, Planning Board
    Term Expires: 2025
  • Katherine Jackson, Select Board
    Term expires: 2024
  • Virginia Davis, Planning Board
    Term expires: 2026
  • Walter Morrison, Conservation
    Term expires: 2024
  • Hampton Watkins, Conservation
    Term expires: 2024
  • Ethan Warren, Select Board
    Term expires: 2025