Online Payments

All Online Payments, in One Place

The Town will verify the status of all local taxes, fees, assessments, betterment, or other municipal charges. Should you have outstanding payments no permits or licenses will be issued until payment has been received.

Bill Information

Can't remember when your next bill is? Look no further than the Bill Information (PDF). Your one source for all bill payment deadlines. Town staff continuously update the document throughout the year. View the list of Important Dates as well. 

Tax Bill Payments - Treasurer / Collector's Office

Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund Donations

Make donations to the Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund.

Beaches, Ponds, Boating, Harbor Fees - Treasurer / Collector's Office

Pay for Beach & Pond and 4x4 Stickers, Boat Ramp Stickers, Dockage Payments, Mooring Payments, and Waterways Payments through City Hall Systems. Clamming Permit Renewals are processed through the Town Clerk's Office. 

Building & Inspectional Permit Fees - Inspectional Services

Open Gov Citizen Services is a web-based electronic and document workflow solution that allows Owners, Architects, Contractors, and Homeowners to initiate and complete the building permit plan submission, review, approval, and inspection process online.

Transfer Station Permits - Treasurer / Collector's Office

Pay for Transfer Station Permits through City Hall Systems.

Vital Records - Town Clerk's Office

Pay for Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, and Funeral Home Death Certificates through City Hall Systems.

Dog & Kennel Licenses - Town Clerk's Office

Pay Dog Licenses, Dog License S&H Fees, Kennel License Renewals, and Boarding Kennel License Renewals through City Hall Systems.

Alarm Violations, Business, Residents, Voting, Maps - Town Clerk's Office

Pay for Alarm Violations, Business Certificates, Resident Lists, Voting List, Street Map with Precincts, Zoning Maps through City Hall Systems.

Parking Tickets & Appeals - Park Plymouth / Plymouth Growth & Development Corporation

View Park Plymouth's website to pay for Parking Tickets Online Payments and Appeals.

Septic, Inspections, Wells, Title 5, Perc Test Fees - Public Health

Pay the following fees, through City Hall Systems. Learn more about Public Health Permits & Licenses Applications.

Burials, Cremations, Graves - Cemetery & Crematory

Pay for Cremations, Burials, and Grave Lots through City Hall Systems.

Abutters Lists - Assessors' Office

Pay for Abutters Lists through City Hall Systems. View more information regarding Abutters List Requests.

Payment Notifications

The Town of Plymouth is transitioning to an all-in-one payment notification system for all reoccurring bill payments. Coming soon in the Fall/Winter of 2023.