Important Dates & Deadlines

January 1st

"Assessment date" for the following fiscal year. The ownership, physical condition and characteristics of each property is frozen as of this date for determining the valuation for the following year.

February 1st

The 3rd quarter tax bill is due. It is also the final date on which an abatement application can be filed for that year.

April 1st

Last day to file exemption, hardship and tax deferral applications.

May 1st

The 4th quarter tax bill is due.

July 1st

Beginning of the fiscal year.

August 1st

The 1st quarter tax bill is due.

September 1st

Begin to file Chapter Applications (61, 61A + 61B). They are due by December 1st.

November 1st

The 2nd quarter tax bill is due.

December 31st

Mailing of the 3rd quarter tax bill. This is the bill showing the new assessment and FY tax amount.