Assessors' Office


The Assessors' Office is responsible for maintaining and updating the real estate data, real estate ownership, and personal (business) property records for the Town of Plymouth. 

The Assessors' Office is also responsible for classifying real estate, residential, commercial, industrial, or open space; determining the full fair cash value of real estate for the purpose of taxation; administering motor vehicle and boat excise taxes for the town; and administering abatement, exemptions, and deferrals in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws.

In addition to those responsibilities, the Assessors' Office reviews deed recordings for Plymouth as provided by the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds, looking for ownership and other changes, subdivisions, mergers, etc., to update town records accordingly. The Assessors' Office reviews all properties for which a building permit has been issued by the Town, to determine what changes or additions have been made.  The Office then updates the property’s valuation accordingly.  Office staff also visits businesses to audit personal property and to determine ownership changes. We are here to serve our taxpayers.

Fiscal Year 2023 Property Assessments