Distinguished Visitors Committee

In 2011, the Select Board formed the Distinguished Visitors Committee and charged the Committee to be responsible for coordinating the itinerary of distinguished visitors when visiting Plymouth. The Committee also assists in determining the makeup of any delegation from Plymouth that is travelling in an official capacity (e.g. Shichigahama, Japan; Plymouth, England, etc.). The Committee is the entity responsible for interviewing and selecting the Plymouth students who will be visiting Shichigahama and/or international destinations as part of a sister/twin city relationship. 

Appointed Members

Kevin Canty, Chairperson - Select Board Representative

Chris Talamo, Vice Chairperson - At Large

Len Levin, Secretary/Treasurer - At Large

Sandra Almaguer - At Large

Margie Burgess - At Large

Kim Savery Hunt - School Committee Representative

Steven Lydon - Visitor Services Board Representative

Lisa Maciejowski - At Large

Matt Tavares - At Large

TBD - See Plymouth Representative

TBD - Plymouth Chamber of Commerce Representative

All members' terms expire on June 30, 2025