Headstones, Benches & Plantings


The Cemetery Division is responsible for installing foundations for headstones. The cost is $150 per square foot. The monument company must contact us in advance for foundation orders. Nongovernment flat markers do not require a foundation and are installed for a flat fee of $100. Veteran's markers are provided and installed free of charge. They may be ordered through the funeral home or via the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). The DVA may be contacted by telephone at 800-697-6947 or via their website. Please note that any plots containing more than one grave (i.e. family plots) are only allowed to have one upright marker. The size of the marker is determined by the number of graves in the plot. In addition to the one upright marker, as many flat (flush to the ground) markers may be installed as needed.

Memorial Benches

No type of memorial benches (with or without inscription) are allowed in the Town of Plymouth cemeteries - this includes wooden, plastic, concrete or specially made memorial benches and benches made by monument companies. Benches should not be purchased or ordered. Please do not assume that a bench will be allowed.


The Cemetery Division does not allow the planting of any trees or large bushes. The only plantings allowed must be placed immediately in front of or beside (not behind) the headstone in a one-foot perimeter only. Anything planted by the family is the responsibility of the family to maintain and must not be allowed to become overgrown or cover any lot other than their own.