Charter of 2005 with 2012 Updates

Section 16 Building Committee

3-16-1 [Amended by Chapter 336 of the Acts of 2012, Massachusetts General Court] The board of selectmen shall appoint a building committee which shall consist of 9 members. The committee shall have among its members 1 member of the planning board, a registered professional engineer or architect, an attorney, a person employed in the construction industry or a related trade or occupation, 2 members of the school committee and 3 other residents. Members of the committee shall be appointed for 3-year overlapping terms.

3-16-2 [Amended by Chapter 336 of the Acts of 2012, Massachusetts General Court] Upon the request of the town manager or a department head, the building committee shall meet with various town departments from time to time to determine the need for additions or renovations to any existing buildings or facilities, for the construction of new buildings or facilities or for the demolition or disposal of existing buildings. The committee shall report its recommendations to the board of selectmen and the representative town meeting and the school committee when applicable. Whenever this work is authorized by the representative town meeting, the building committee shall be responsible for the oversight of all work relating thereto, including site planning, preliminary architectural drawings, final plans and the oversight of all construction.

3-16-3 Upon request of the Building Committee the town manager may provide support personnel to assist the Building Committee in carrying out its duties.