Fish Camera

The camera is currently off-line for the season. Be sure to check back next spring to watch the herring migration in real time!

This feed shows the annual herring migration up Town Brook in downtown Plymouth in real time! Thanks to a multiagency collaboration with NOAA, Massachusetts DMF, Plimoth Patuxet, and the Mystic River Watershed Association we're excited to have installed this system to assist with data collection and provide this unique view of the run. Every fish that migrates up Town Brook has to swim by this camera, so we're hopeful we'll see a good number of fish come by this year! To help us count river herring visit our website!

Fish will be swimming upstream (from left to right), against the current. You may notice debris, leaves, vegetation and other objects washing downstream (from right to left) on occasion, or circulating through the system. But when you see a fish, you'll know! Individual fish are different, so some might zoom through quickly, others might linger a little in front of the camera, and some might even drop back downstream, but it's all normal. You might even be lucky enough to see a bass come in from the right and try to nab itself some lunch!

DMEA personnel visit the camera daily to clean it; this may include cleaning the counting boards, removing debris, adjusting and cleaning the camera, etc. You'll notice the water clarity increases and decreases based on weather and light availability. Poor visibility due to recent rains typically clears up in a day or two, and maintenance to the system may cause poor conditions for a few hours. If the feed freezes, try refreshing the webpage.

We're extremely excited to have it up and running, and hope you enjoy watching the migration!

For more information on the Town Brook herring run, please visit our information page: Town Brook Herring and Eel Run Information.