Building Permit Application / Certificate of Occupancy Signature Requests

Building Permit Application - Signatures

  1. Building permit application must be filled out completely
  2. Detailed description of the work to be done on the application
  3. Plans of the addition/alterations and the existing house
    1. All floors - 1st, 2nd, and basement/attic, if finished
    2. Plans do not have to be formal or to scale. A legible sketch is acceptable.
    3. All rooms must be labeled
  4. Septic systems older than 30 years must have a passing Title 5 inspection prior to application being signed.
  5. If the property is having a new septic system installed, the septic permit must be picked up by a licensed installer prior to a signature.

Please Note: Bedrooms are counted by Title 5 310 CMR 15.002 Definitions:

  • Any unfinished rooms, libraries, studies, studios, or other easily converted rooms, which provide privacy, shall be considered bedrooms for the purpose of design flow. These rooms shall consist of all of the following:
    • Floor space of no less than 70 square feet;
    • For new construction, a ceiling height of no less than 7 feet and 3 inches;
    • For existing houses, a ceiling height of no less than 7 feet;
    • An electrical service and ventilation; and
    • At least one window.
  • Living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, halls, bathrooms, unfinished basements, and unheated storage areas over garages are not considered bedrooms.

Certificate of Occupancy/Completion - Signature

Send all documentation, request signature in person, or send a PDF copy by email to Plymouth Public Health.