Demolition Delay Bylaw

The Plymouth Historic Commission has responsibility for implementing Plymouth's Demolition Delay Bylaw that was adopted by Town Meeting in October 2014. Property owners filing a demolition permit for a structure that is determined to be 75 years or older (or undetermined) must file a demolition delay application with The Plymouth Historic Commission.

Upon receipt of the application, The Plymouth Historic Commission will respond within 14 days. If the Commission determines the structure is "not historically or architecturally significant" it will be recommended that a Demolition Permit be issued and demolition of the property may proceed.

If the structure is determined to be "historically significant" The Plymouth Historic Commission will hold a public hearing within 30 days to determine if the property is "preferably preserved" or not. If the determination is "preferably preserved" the delay period could be up to 12 months. During the 12-month delay period, alternatives to demolition will be explored.

Should you have any questions, please contact The Plymouth Historic Commission at 508-747-1620, ext. 10138.