CMOM Sewer Pipeline & Manhole Inspection Program 2024

Plymouth’s Department of Public Works (“DPW”) seeks to notify residents and visitors that. Phase 2 of the Sewer Division’s Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance (CMOM) pipeline and manhole inspection program will begin the week of February 19, 2024.  As part of the Phase 1 CMOM inspection program, the Town will be inspecting approximately one third of all the pipelines and manholes within the municipal sewer collection system.  

Town staff is working in conjunction with our consultant, Environmental Partners Group, to manage this comprehensive sewer system inspection program.  As the project progresses, residents and business owners may encounter crews from National Water Main Cleaning Company of Canton, MA and Duke's Root Control of Elgin, IL.  The crews from National Water Main Cleaning Company will be performing CCTV video inspection of approximately 20 miles of sewers in the Industrial Park Road and Long Pond Road area of Plymouth. Similarly, the crew from Duke's Root Control will be performing 3D digital scanning of approximately 340 sewer manholes in the Industrial Park Road and Long Pond Road area.   Crews will be opening sewer manhole covers throughout Town, in areas that include roadways, sidewalks, driveways and cross-country easements.  Project personnel will provide advance notice to property owners when access to manholes and sewers on private property is required.  

Due to the mobile nature of the work, the CMOM inspection project is expected to have minimal impact on motorists, pedestrians, residents and businesses.  However brief traffic delays, temporary no parking zones and pedestrian detours may be necessary at times to ensure safe access to the underground sewer infrastructure in the downtown area.   Interruption of water and sewer service is not anticipated during this project; however there may be occasions when the occupants of specific buildings are asked to minimize or cease water usage for brief intervals in order to facilitate the inspection of sewers in the area.  

The Town and its Contractors will make every effort to minimize inconvenience to residents, businesses, pedestrians and motorists within the project area.  On behalf of the Town, the Sewer Division respectfully requests your patience and cooperation during this important infrastructure assessment project.  Any questions can be directed to the Plymouth Sewer Division at (508)-830-4159 or the Plymouth Engineering Division at (508)-747-1620 ext. 10121. 

CMOM Inspection Map