Water Street Pump Station Flood Barrier Wall

The Town of Plymouth has entered into a construction contract with Manafort Transit, LLC of Waltham, MA, to complete the Water Street Pump Station Flood Barrier Wall Project.

The Water Street Pump Station was originally constructed in 1964 and served as the headworks and operations for the Wastewater Treatment Plant. In 2000, when the new Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed on Camelot Drive, the building on Water Street was converted into a pump station. Today, the Water Street Pump Station receives most of the Town's influent wastewater flows, averaging 1.5 million gallons per day, through a 30-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe and pumps wastewater to the Treatment Plant on Camelot Drive through a 4.5-mile force main.

During major coastal events, the Water Street Pump Station experiences flooding. The Town retained Environmental Partners to design and oversee construction of a 5-foot high flood barrier wall to preserve the function of this critical infrastructure during storm surges and high sea levels. The wall will be constructed with a reinforced concrete foundation and reinforced concrete wall with stone veneer. Construction began in the Fall of 2022 and is anticipated to be completed by Spring of 2023.

Construction Updates

Construction activities for this week consisted of the following:

  • Manafort backfilled and prepped the area near the garage for paving.
  • Manafort paved the ramp way to the waste oil tank.
  • Manafort adjusted area drains in the front and back to grade.
  • Manafort reinstalled the area drain box near the garage.
  • Manafort removed silt socks and construction fence around the site.
  • Continued grinding, scraping, and cleaning of the inside face of the flood wall.
  • Final paving was completed.

Manafort will resume work on site next week and the following activities are anticipated to occur:

  • Installation of loop detectors at motorized sliding gates on both wall entrances
  • Installation of 5-foot tall chain link fence around existing garage and waste oil tank
  • Loam and seed disturbed areas
  • Remove the Engineer's trailer
  • Finish grouting around the stone veneer